Josh Taylor

Software Engineer, Staffordshire

Laravel Migrate SQL Package

Today I have released a new package for your Laravel app. This will generate and show you the SQL for a migration. It works very similarly to php artisan migrate --pretend but will allow you to view it for any migration, not just pending ones.

I have had a few situations where I've needed to manually migrate a production database as I didn't have access to a command line on the server and it was always a bit of a pain! This package takes most of this pain away.

You can install the package via composer:

composer require josh-taylor/migrate-sql

A new command will then be added to your Laravel project:

php artisan migrate:sql

Supplying no options will display all available migrations and, by default, display the SQL for the up migration. You can specify a migration file and to display the down action.

php artisan migrate:sql --migration=2018_05_17_000000_create_users_table --down

For more options you can pass the -h flag to see the help text for the command.